The Economist y la profesión notarial

La revista The Economist dedicaba hace algunos días un reportaje a la situación de la profesión notarial en el mundo. Una profesión que viene afrontando reformas de mayor o menor calado en distintos países, pero que tampoco parece que los cambios vayan a ir adelante en función del impacto que pueda tener la crisis. El artículo es interesante por cuanto contrapone las experiencias y el funcionamiento de la profesión notarial en sistemas legales diferentes y en varios continentes. 


Transcribo los párrafos finales del artículo:
Are the days of this venerable profession numbered? Don’t bet on it. As domestic monopolies wither, notaries are looking abroad. Attempts to ease the movement of contracts and certificates across borders—a tiresome paper-chase—are hotly debated. European notaries would like the acts that they produce to enjoy greater recognition across the continent, but that could disadvantage citizens in Britain and nine other EU countries where the legal system can create no equivalent document.
Despite improvements in Italy and other European countries, the financial crisis has also slowed reform. Notaries’ role in conveyancing makes them reliable tax collectors, so change is risky while money is tight. Some countries hold “Anglo-Saxon” deregulation responsible for the crisis; Russia’s new civil code, which comes into force in September, grants its weak notariat greater authority. And Gulf states, now attracting many of the West’s jobless graduates, consume limitless volumes of paperwork. Notaries’ authority may be fading, but their fate is not yet sealed”.
Madrid, 14 de septiembre de 2012